Starting Your Yoga Instructor Journey

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Every yoga teacher takes a different path and each has a different goal for the way they want their journey to unfold. For some, a career as a yoga teacher is all about business, while others are open to see what opportunities present themselves.


Whatever your approach, there are some things to keep in mind as you get started as a yoga instructor. We hope these offerings help you as you start your journey as a yoga teacher.

8 Tips For Starting Your Journey As A Yoga Teacher

1. Practice, practice, practice

It is a good idea to have a deep respect and solid practice as you embark on your yoga education. You wouldn’t trust a baker who doesn’t like sweets, would you? The more you invest in yourself, the more you will be able to empathize with your students.


2. Explore

Try new studios and take yourself on a yoga retreat. As a yoga instructor in Vancouver, there are so many to try! And there are many nearby retreats, too, throughout this beautiful province. The more classes you try and teachers you learn from, the more you will be able to impart when you become a yoga teacher. We also recommend to explore more yoga inspiration on Pinterest or free yoga program on Youtube.


3. Dive In

Once you have earned your certification and are now a yoga teacher in Vancouver, remember that the only thing holding you back is fear. You never know what one experience will lead to so if you are asked to assist or teach a private lesson and you feel like it’s out of your depth, remember that that is just your fear holding you back. Go for it!


4. Stay the Course

It can take a while to get to where you want to be as a yoga teacher, but the same is true for all professions. It just might feel uncertain for a while. Lots of yoga teachers come and go through Vancouver, but the most successful ones have stuck it out. Stay the course!


5. Strategize

One of the secrets to a “successful” career as a yoga teacher is to have a strategic variety of offerings, and have them all support and complement each other. Your public classes are a great space to promote your upcoming retreats and your retreats are a great place to build relationships so you have private clients when you get back to Vancouver. Be strategic with your time and energy.


6. Find/Build your Specialty

There is always room for more creative ways to spread the love of yoga in Vancouver, so carve out some space for yourself. Maybe you want to work with seniors, or teach the corporate world at lunch time. Maybe sunrise yoga is what you love, or working with celebrities as they film in Vancouver. Any of these things are possible for you — you just have to go and get it.


8. Build Relationships

Find your tribe! What yoga teachers do you want to be like? Who is doing what you want and living the way you love? Find them and introduce yourself. At some point, they were just starting out, too. And as a yoga teacher, be compatible, responsible, and generous, as these things will make the journey smooth and fulfilling.

If you are looking for a yoga teacher training program in Vancouver, there’s no better place to start your journey. Reach out to them!

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